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Corporate Dispute & Commercial Business Solicitors

Our corporate team is experienced in all aspects of corporate law, including mergers, acquisitions, disposals and re-finances. As such, if you are looking to buy or sell a business, or raise finance, we can help. Alternatively, your business may need help putting in place shareholders’ agreements, bespoke articles of association or LLP agreements, which are all important to have in place, to regulate your internal affairs. This can be as a result of an incoming or exiting shareholder, or private investment, where we can advise investors or investees in respect of the investment agreements and work closely with our tax department in respect of SEIS and EIS investments. If you are considering incentivising employees or contractors via a share scheme, whether it be EMI or otherwise, we can also help. Finally, if you need help with your business contracts, our commercial solicitors can assist you with drafting contracts such as as terms and conditions for the sale of goods or supply of services, agency and distribution agreements and intellectual property licences. Similarly, we can help with e-commerce and GDPR advice.

Expert Corporate Dispute & Business Solicitors

Corporate Structures and Governance

Whether you are establishing a new business or dealing with the re-organisation of an existing one, we are here to help. Our solicitors can help you decide on the most appropriate structure for your business, including sole trader, partnership, limited company or limited liability partnership. We are able to also draft a wide variety of complex documentation to support your chosen structure, including articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, group re-organisation and demerger documentation. When choosing the most appropriate corporate structure, we understand that tax efficiency is a key driving force and therefore our tax advisors are always on hand to provide advice.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposal

Our expert solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions, disposals, private equity investments and transactional due diligence.

We are able to offer advice to a wide range of different businesses, from start-ups to multi-nationals and have expertise across a broad range of sectors. Our corporate team also work closely with our accountants and tax advisors, who are able to help you with valuations, deal structuring, tax issues and financial due diligence.

Commercial Contracts

By getting the small print right from the outset, we enable you to avoid any costly and time-consuming disputes that might arise. Our experienced solicitors can draft, review and report on a range of commercial contracts including standard terms and conditions, licensing agreements, agency and distribution. The team here at Z group also offers operational reviews for its clients, which is an overall health check designed to optimise business efficiency.

Share Schemes

Did you know that an employee share scheme can be a powerful staff engagement and incentivisation tool? If structured correctly, they can also be a highly tax-efficient way of rewarding key members. Here at Z group, our solicitors and accountants work together to simplify the process, helping to give you a joined-up view. Whilst our solicitors can prepare the documentation, our accountants can assist with the tax considerations and valuation elements of the transaction.