Property is a key differentiator and passion for Z group. It is here where we feel our clients really benefit from our integrated business and unique knowledge gained through collaboration of experienced multidisciplinary professionals.

Z group has recently added a full range of architectural services further differentiating ourselves from one discipline firms.  H&C Architects, chartered Architects with over 25 years practice history, now operate as part of the Z group. Whilst we are incorporating their work onto our website please browse to

Having an expert integrated working team of Solicitors, Accountants, Tax Professionals and now Chartered Architects is where we feel we make the difference. We ensure you make a more informed decision. We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for developers and investors.

what we do

  • legal solutions

    Our highly experienced staff have expert conveyancing knowledge and highlight potential problems at the outset ensuring the transaction goes through smoothly and without delays. We can help you with all your Commercial and Residential Conveyancing needs whether this be Buying or Selling, Leasehold Property, Lease Extensions, Tenancy Agreements, Freehold Purchases, Mortgages or Lease Disputes.

  • accounting and tax solutions

    We act for a range of property portfolios including buy-to-let landlords, property investors, developers, and related businesses such as Chartered Surveyors, Architects, Consulting Engineers, Building Services and Estate Agents. We advise clients on structuring their investments in a tax efficient way, taking into consideration available reliefs and potential planning opportunities.

  • architectural solutions

    Z group has recently introduced a full range of Architectural solutions related to all types of building projects. Our prolific and highly experienced team are involved in a broad spectrum of work including commercial development, residential projects, private bespoke housing and refurbishment. Our services will include architecture, planning and interior design.

our services

legal solutions

residential conveyancing

Residential conveyancing is the process by which flats and houses are bought, sold and leased, and includes the mortgaging, remortgaging and the transferring of equity. We ensure your transaction proceeds smoothly, quickly and efficiently explaining all the tax consequences as required and highlighting any potential development ideas. We are on nearly all the major lending panels and our experienced team aim to offer you a professional and efficient conveyancing experience. The firm is a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (‘CQS’), which is “the mark of excellence for the home buying process.” The Law Society has affirmed the excellence of our conveyancing department by the accreditation of CQS status.

commercial property

We act for clients in the acquisition and disposal of both freehold and leasehold commercial property. This includes shops, offices, warehouses, hotels and public houses, pharmacies and many other unusual transactions. We have even acted for a client buying a Pier. Auction sales are a regular feature of the team’s work, whether licensed premises or significant commercial property portfolios.

commercial leases

We act for large and small landlords and tenants entering commercial leases. Commercial leases are often lengthy and without break clauses. Where it is necessary for businesses to assign the lease, we can draft the Transfers and Assignments or License you require in order to ensure that the property can be sold as smoothly as possible.

leasehold property

We are able to deal with purchasing the freehold of your block, extending your lease, the Right to Manage, Lease disputes – in fact all aspects of Leasehold property ownership. This firm is a member of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.

accounting and tax solutions

lettings accounts

Buy-to-let property owners often don’t see themselves as wealthy. But the fact is that if you own more than one property, your financial and tax situation is far more complicated than that of most other people. We ensure you are claiming all of the expenses and reliefs you are entitled to.

tax planning and structures

We work with you to determine the appropriate strategy and structure taking into consideration your personal needs and long-term wealth objectives and not just potential tax savings.

financing transactions

We actively make introductions to help clients finance property transactions and where sensible, locate well-matched joint venture partners for development projects.

Capital Allowances

The majority of UK commercial property transactions do not take full advantage of Capital Allowances claims, a valuable tax relief, with the average estimated value of unclaimed Allowances being over £100,000. The value of available allowances for an average commercial office building is between 15% and 45% of the acquisition price. These allowances do not reduce the base cost of the property for Capital Gains Tax purposes.

Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)

The tax applies to residential property owned by a company or other “non-natural person” and most commonly applies where the property is used by its ultimate owners as a home. As well as a penal capital gains tax rate, the ATED regime also imposes an annual charge and a 15% SDLT (transfer tax) rate on acquisition. There are exceptions to these charges for genuine property traders and investors. The CGT position differs depending on whether the taxpayer is UK resident or not.

undeclared rental income

The Revenue is targeting widespread tax evasion on property lettings, and estimates that one million buy-to-let and other private landlords are not declaring their rental income. The Let Property Campaign is an opportunity for landlords with undisclosed rental income, arising from either the UK or abroad, to come forward and regularise their tax affairs on favourable terms. Landlords will still have to pay a penalty of up to 20% – plus the tax and interest – but this compares with penalties of up to 100%, and even the possibility of prosecution. The level of penalty when a voluntary disclosure is made will be determined by the nature of the error and the reasoning. We can assist you in this process and liaise with HMRC on your behalf.


If you are new to contracting we can help you set up your limited company or if you have your own limited company already, we will take care of your accounting for you. If you don’t register for CIS, you may be taxed at a higher rate.

z group solutions

  • business

    We offer a bespoke suite of legal, accounting, HR solutions & architectural services to small and medium sized businesses across London.

  • individual

    We can assist with Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney, IHT planning, personal tax or simply tidying up your financial or tax affairs.

  • property

    We offer comprehensive turnkey packages for developers and investors. We can assist you with architectural design and planning, all your Commercial and Residential Conveyancing needs, plus property tax planning.