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Concept Design and Feasibility

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Architectural Concept Design and Feasibility

Identifying the potential of any site or property is essential at the early stage of a project and often involves the most important decisions of the project. Architectural concept design and site analysis is a fundamental stage of any project, enabling a project to make full use out of any plot. With years of experience in providing architecture concept design services on a wide range of projects, our specialist team has a wealth of knowledge.

Architectural Site Analysis

Our expert team carries out feasibility studies as part of the architectural concept design process, in order to find out what the best use of a site or building is and to establish a strategy for the project. During the architectural site analysis they aim to review the history of a site and its overall condition, the team will also take into consideration any constraints or opportunities available. When considering opportunities they will view the commercial viability of a development and also any possible planning policies or statutory constraints that may affect how the project is pursued.

The team uses their experience and knowledge of previous experience in architectural concept design to carry out the project to make sure all avenues have been considered. Our thorough and imaginative approach will offer you the insight you need and help you to make confident decisions. The architectural site analysis will always be tailored to meet the clients’ expectations and can range from a simple pre-purchase assessment to a much more complex review of a site, helping to generate several alternative solutions.

Architectural Concept Design

Should you need a more comprehensive building survey or valuation, our in house team of RICS Chartered surveyors are also able to assist.

We believe our talent for high quality, concise presentations and diagrams with strong graphics skills and 3D modelling is critical to communicating our ideas for a successful project. This enables us to present our ideas clearly and persuasively to both our clients and to external parties.

To find out more information about our architectural concept design process or to discuss your ideas in more detail please get in touch.