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Commercial & Residential Architects in London

Here at Z group, we are more than just architects. Our architectural department adds creativity and design to our service suite. Property has always been a key differentiator and passion for Z group, with a planning record which we are immensely proud of. Our experience and knowledge combined with a creative team of architects deliver a range of comprehensive services including feasibility and concept design to help you gain planning permission, all the way through to project management and delivery of the project on-site. So, whether you are looking for an architectural survey, architectural planning or site analysis, we have got you covered.

Commercial & Residential Architectural Services

We provide a full range of services for a variety of architectural commercial and residential projects including:


- Site surveys and drawn surveys
- Architectural site analysis and appraisals
- Architectural project and commercial feasibility
- Project strategy


- Pre-application submissions and negotiation
- Community consultation and presentations
- Planning applications
- Planning appeals
- Landlord’s consent

An Experienced & Reliable Architectural Firm in London

Whatever the nature of your project, our disciplines come together naturally to work in sync. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential architects, we can carry out work to an extremely high standard. Our expert integrated team of professionals is what we believe makes us different. By close collaboration with our colleagues in accounts, legal services and surveying, it enables us to provide coordinated and broad advice.

We bring our history and experience to each task with our technical strengths and dedication to our clients. We believe that this attention to detail and commitment we have to providing high-quality design is what makes our company’s approach truly unique and successful.

The Z group architects team brings a wealth of experience across the full range of architectural services and building types. Originally assembled in 1986, we joined Z group in 2016; combining our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering projects with the skill sets provided by the other multi-disciplinary professionals. The close working relationship we have with our accountants, solicitors, and surveyors gives our clients a unique broad service and a fully collaborative and coordinated approach to all of our projects. This means that your project can be carried out seamlessly. 

We have previously been involved in principally residential projects, hotels and mixed-use developments. However, over the years our team has dealt with a diverse portfolio of building sites and uses including commercial, office, high-end retail and schools. So, whatever the nature of your project, we have commercial and residential architects are fully equipped to tackle the task at hand effectively.

Our experience has taught us that no two projects are the same. We are committed to establishing a strong dialogue between the client and architect throughout the project. We work closely with our clients on all of our projects to ensure that they are tailored to their requirements and also reflective of their aspirations. This allows us to meet expectations and maintain optimum customer satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more information about our commercial and residential architects, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. Visit our Contact Us Page . We look forward to hearing from you!

Services Continued...

We provide a full range of services for a variety of architectural commercial and residential projects including:

Construction Design and Production Information

- Lead consultant and project team management
- Technical design and production information
- Tender documentation assembly and procurement
- CDM principal designer

Project Management and Contract Administration

- Site monitoring
- Contract administration

Interior Design

- Consultancy services
- Residential and Commercial
- Concept Design
- Space planning
- Kitchens
- Bathrooms
- Lighting design and smart technologies
- Finishes
- Procurement and purchase guidance
- Project management
- Furniture, fixtures and equipment

Concept Design and Feasibility

Identifying the potential of any site or property is essential at the early stage of a project and often involves the most important decisions of the project.

Our expert team carry out feasibility studies in order to find out what the best use of a site or building is and to establish a strategy for the project. They aim to review the history of a site and its overall condition, the team will also take into consideration any constraints or opportunities available. When considering opportunities they will view the commercial viability of a development and also any possible planning policies or statutory constraints that may affect how the project is pursued.

The team uses their experience and knowledge of previous projects to carry out the project to make sure all avenues have been considered. Our thorough and imaginative approach will offer you the insight you need and help you to make confident decisions. The studies will always be tailored to meet the clients’ expectations and can range from a simple pre-purchase assessment to a much more complex review of a site, helping to generate several alternative solutions.

Should you need a more comprehensive building survey or valuation, our in house team of RICS Chartered surveyors are also able to assist.

We believe our talent for high quality, concise presentations with strong graphics skills and 3D modelling is critical to communicating our ideas for a successful project. This enables us to present our ideas clearly and persuasively to both our clients and to external parties.

Planning and Detailed Design


Did you know that pre-applications form a crucial part of any project? These allow for an early dialogue with the Local Planning Authority before committing to a formal planning application. These aim to provide an insight into the Council’s views on the site-specific planning matters early on and allows for a better understanding of local political agendas.

Our experienced team are highly skilled in assembling a package which aims to tease out as much relevant information from the Council to make sure an informed planning application can be submitted. This often includes an outline of your objectives, a survey and illustrations to outline your plans for the site and any research and analysis which has been carried out. All of this information helps to build the narrative of your development for discussion with the Planning Officer.

In most cases, there will be a meeting onsite or at the Council with the Planning Officer where the issues and proposal can be discussed in more detail and expanded on. Assuming the results from the meeting are positive, the Pre App provides the guidance and confidence that is needed to prepare a Full Planning Application.

Planning Applications

Here at Z group, we are able to provide the full design and assembly of a planning application including as necessary the co-ordination of specialists and public consultation. It is important to note that planning is not guaranteed and continues to become more complicated every year. However, based upon a current success rate of over 90%, we are confident in our approach and skillset to deliver.

We pride ourselves on the high level of creativity within our team, who work with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the processes. Complexities in some sites and projects must be addressed during the planning process and we often require skilled expertise to assemble and complete the planning applications with specialist reports.

Our rigorous procedures, high quality of design and many years of experience in producing such applications allows us to provide the best chance of success.

When planning permission has been granted, some developments often require legal agreements to be made. The agreements secure particular types of planning obligations such as the provision of social housing or car-free developments. In some cases, our legal team can assist you with Section 106 Agreements.

Our team of solicitors can help with all residential and commercial property matters whether it be the purchase, sale, re-financing or granting an option over the property.


In the event your planning application has been rejected by the council, you have a number of options to explore, including appealing the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. Our experienced team will be able to advise you on whether it is worthwhile appealing and also on the type of appeal to pursue.

In collaboration with our legal team, we can assemble the necessary statement of case and documentation needed for the appeal as well as submit and monitor the appeal for you.

Landlord’s Consent

If your project is located within a leasehold property, then you will have to seek your landlord’s consent. This also applies to some cases in London where an estate controls development. Our expert team are able to advise you on whether this applies to you and also to assemble the necessary documentation and designs to gain approvals such as license to alter.

We are members of the association of leasehold enfranchisement practitioners (ALEP).

Should you require a valuation for leasehold extension or enfranchisement purposes, our surveyors team will be able to help.


We understand that the cost of projects can quickly skyrocket if not correctly managed. In order to gain a competitive price for your project, we are able to manage the tender process for you. This involves a number of contractors pricing the work from the production information and also consultants packages. Our team are then able to provide you with an analysis of the results and with our ability to research prospective contractors, we aim to establish the most suitable builder for the project.

CDM (Health and Safety)

Our expert team are able to provide a range of in-house services relating to CDM. Our Principle Designer has a wealth of up to date knowledge of health and safety requirements. We are able to provide this role for the design stage and prepare the necessary pre-construction documentation needed to hand over to a Contractor.