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Working From Home Series: Architects sketch their home offices

As well settle down into long term home working, so continues our obsession for home office spaces. In the latest series of WFH, we asked our team of architects to put their creative skills to the test and sketch their own home office stations.

First up in the series was Architect, Laura Dootson, who’s home office is shared with fiance Frank who runs his own business from their apartment in Poole, Dorset.



Laura began remodelling their office at the start of lockdown to create a fun and creative space to work in, knowing how much time this space would be used! The geometric wall patterns and classic furniture pieces such as the Eames chair suits both our tastes. Spot the sausage dog print and sneaky piece of cake which is replenished on a daily (if not hourly) basis following a new lockdown obsession for home baking. There’s also plenty of plants and countless pens usually scattered about.

Being at home and having a slightly different schedule means making time for other things has been as easier to do than when in the office; such as keeping up with online CPD’s and catching up with clients and suppliers over the phone or on zoom or simply enjoying a morning cycle along the beach in the sunshine.

Next up we have Architect, Henry Cheng and his WFH station sketch.



Henry said: “This room was originally my music studio having spent a few months of DIY and slowly adding to it. I remember spending most of my Christmas/new years break building my own acoustic panels and researching the best way to mount them on the walls – tiring but productive. Since lockdown it’s become more of an office with my old second desk being a home to my iMac from work. Luckily working from home means I can avoid queues when making a cuppa as well as being able to jam on the guitar for a bit when I need a break. Contrary to popular belief, the acoustic panels do not soundproof the room but minimise the echoes and reverbs”.

Third in our WFH series was Interior Designer, Sylvie Caldow.



Sylvie said of her home office setup: “WFH hasn’t been unusual for me as over the years, I’ve worked that way often, so no great need to adapt to a new norm. One challenge has been having a house full of adults under the same roof and finding areas for us all to WFH comfortably and efficiently. But I think the most challenging thing to have to deal with is the much hyped super fast broadband we are paying for…it’s rubbish!



Architect, Abbas shared his sketch of his station after relocating from office to home during the lockdown.

My working from home space is located in the second bedroom, which is currently used as a guest bedroom. I’ve recently moved in and have not painted this room; however, we have added colour through cushions and a large painting.

I recently bought a small single desk in order to retain space within the room. The desk tucks away neatly in the corner and is large enough for files, a note pad and the computer. The desk is foldable which means we have the option to store it away when friends come to stay.

The size of the desk ensures that I cannot clutter my workspace with sketches and snacks, which is extremely productive. Senior Architect, Stephen Carpenter shared his dedicated office from his home in Surrey.



When we moved into our home in 1999 the first project I did was to convert the existing garage into a Study! Since then the Study became a dumping ground for all-sorts and needed redecoration – the last room in the house to be re-decorated since we moved in!

The lockdown gave me the opportunity to firstly re-decorate the Study (somewhat of a nightmare to ensure I could keep working despite having to move large pieces of furniture around!) but also to replace the 20 year old furniture, shelving etc. I have also created a model making work-bench and a display-cabinet, but this is not shown from the angle drawn – perhaps that’s for another day!

Re-organising the furniture layout also provided more overall space too! Most of the books in the shelving are on Architecture and Aircraft, as well as Military and Railway History.

Nigel Husband, Head of Architecture at Z group has been working from his home in Surrey.



Lockdown has actually given me a long awaited opportunity… The room in the house that was always clearly annotated on my plans as ‘Study’ has been used for everything else but, since we moved in 20 years ago, playrooms, dumping grounds, playstation emporiums, but now, it is finally being allowed to be used as intended……and is perfectly suited, just as I thought. The desk is classic 1970s, dragged from my fathers original office, not overly glamorous but functional, and suited to two 27in screens with my laptop nestled between, perfect for ‘zooming’ with the Ikea floor units that have been fixed as wall units taking the files I grabbed as we evacuated the office (mostly unopened since). I have also found an excuse to park the drinks troll in here, which is proving to be useful tool in the ’New Normal’.

In addition, my view has improved , as rather than the backs of the Architects in my team, I view the front west facing garden with its Dovetree, and (if I work too late) sunsets.

Head over to our Instagram Feed to see the series and more of the Architect’s work. Written and Sketched by Z group Architects.

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